Piquadro specialises in innovative business bags. What sets the brand apart is it’s high degree of functionality and a high-performance, recognisable design. It’s recognized as the ultimate expression of Italian elegance and originality.

Piquadro is 100% Italian. Each and every Piquadro bag stand out by the quality of its leather and sensitivity of its design. By its passion, creativity and informal yet professional sense of style.

Although 100% Italian, for Piquadro, functionality goes beyond looks, details and finishing touches. Thanks to a select choice of materials, construction, and functionalities, Piquadro products represent high quality and reliability. A Piquadro bag is an intelligent tool engineered for business for ‘professional’ business travelers.

Each and every Piquadro product is the result of careful design. Even the smallest detail is researched and designed by Piquadro designers who know and interpret the brand’s values.

Piquadro continues the centuries-old Italian tradition of leather work, with a modern and original interpretation. Piquadro products combine craftsmanship, high-quality leathers and attention to detail with the brand’s three distinctive values: design, functionality, and technology. The exclusively Italian leathers used in every Piquadro bag are carefully selected and carefully treated to highlight the texture and prevent wear.