Bags with love. If you were asked to create a slogan for this company, that’s probably what you would come up with: bags with love. It is exactly what Mutsaers represents and what Mutsaers bags communicate.

Mutsaers Lederwaren is a traditional, family-owned company. It’s not just the company that goes from father to kids. It’s also traditional craftsmanship, the lover of authentic materials like leather and dozens of years of experience in this trendy world that is inherited by the new and upcoming owners of the company. Today the third generation is already involved in both the companies everyday business and it’s future.

Mutsaers started in the beginning of the roaring sixties. It survived a trendy and volatile market for over half a century. These days Mutsaers is known as one of the most authentic, honest and traditional manufacturers and designers of luxury leather bags.

Don’t make the mistake to consider traditional te be old fashioned. Mutsaers ‘signature’ consists of a combination of traditional lines and concepts with details that are very much ‘happening’.