JUMP has more history than it’s age makes you think. When Bernard Ehret created the brand in 1979 he could already look back on a long period and intensive experience in creating, desiging and producing luggage for famous brands like Daniel Hetcher, Lacoste, New Man, Rossignol and Salomon. It created a swift start for Jump and the phase in which both the company and its products developed never really slowed down since.

Bernard Ehret works and thinks according to the typical French philosophy that everything is first of all, a fashion statement. Obviously, that’s the fact for luggage and bags in particular. That philosophy is now, some 30 years later, still visible in every Jump collection.

Alle bags are thought of in the companies French design studios. It’s obvious that the aesthetics play a major role in the deign process, but it’s not just that. The designers allow them self no shortcuts when it comes to practical use or the quality of the materials being used. It’s the combination of aesthetics, philosophy, outstanding materials and clever design that make Jump bags stand out