De Rooy

It started shortly after WWII had ended, in a small sweatshop in downtown Amsterdam. These days De Rooy Leather can be found al over Europe and even in the America’s. Quality without compromise, functional ease of use and durable materials are the key aspects of our highly versatile and remarkable collection.

H.J. de Rooy Lederwaren, as the company is officially called, is trusted and well-known name in the world of trendy luxury leather goods. In half a century the company grew from a small local workshop to a respected player.

De designers of De Rooy never stop surprising with astonishing leather products. Bags that aren’t just looking great and a are step ahead the pack but are also cleverly designed and manufactured with incredible craftsmanship.

De Rooy is known for it’s bags, but that isn’t the only thing this Dutch company produces. Also worth checking out is De Rooy’s extensive line of leather wallets, penholders, waste bags and other ‘small leather goodies’.

It’s rich history and flawless reputation aren’t the only facts that pushed De Rooy to the top of the market. A high level of craftsmanship and a passion for the craft enabled the company to continually present appealing and affordable collections.