Campomaggi is the scent of leather. It’s the ability of working hands. And it’s old and noble art of craftsmanship. Components that result in an extraordinary collection of leather bags that can only be designed and crafted in the rich and inspiring hills of Tuscany.

Marco Campomaggi thinks, dreams and designs bag collections featuring the perfect match between the ancient art of leather processing and the passion for details, between his amazing creativity and the painstaking care of artisan processes.

Since he was a child, he has been influenced by the creativity of his father, who was a sculptor. He immediately showed a great manual ability, which, together with his aesthetic taste and his down-to-earth attitude, brought him to design his early creations.

In 1990 he created the brand Campomaggi: a collection of artisan bags, unique items with a worn look. Bags which do not follow a seasonal trend, increasing their value with the passing of time.

Each Campomaggi bag tells a story. Accuracy, care, attention and dedication are fundamental ingredients when creating the first prototype of each new model: a very delicate phase, the first step in transforming an idea into a bag.

To understand Marco Campomaggi philosophy take a few minutes to watch this video: